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People Simply Cannot Believe Tucker Carlson’s ‘Homoerotic’ Trailer For His New Documentary ‘The End Of Men’

Tucker Carlson doesn’t isn’t only one of Fox News’ most popular — and most Putin-friendly — hosts. He’s also occasionally a documentarian. That’s not to say that his non-fiction films contain facts. His Fox Nation series on the alleged FBI plot behind the Jan. 6 riots was so wrongheaded it infuriated his own colleagues. Now he has one on the alleged decline of masculinity, with a trailer that’s more homoerotic than the SNL classic “Schmitts Gay.”

In a preview of his forthcoming new season of “Tucker Carlson Originals,” the host promises to cover “one of the biggest stories of our lifetime,” namely “the total collapse of testosterone levels in American men.” What is he talking about? He’s almost certainly promising even more transphobia on the same station that recently hired Caitlyn Jenner. But the trailer for the doc also promises lots of shots of shirtless men with glistening six packs doing things like shooting guns, milking cows, and what appears to be tanning their testicles.

Carlson, who used to wear a bowtie in public, seems to be lamenting the dearth of old school masculinity. But he also appears to have been taken with some dubious practice called “red light tanning,” which involves tanning the balls in an attempt to redress what he describes as “falling testosterone.” As per The Daily Beast, he discussed this with one of Friday night’s guests, Kid Rock, who wasn’t sure how to respond. “I don’t know what the hell is going on in this world,” the pro-Trump rap-rocker responded, adding that “some days you just want to stop this planet and let me off.”

When a clip from the trailer went public, there were lots of jokes, addressing both its “homoerotic” overtones and its similarities to the work of Nazi filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl, whose film of the 1936 Berlin Olympics fetishizes the male form.

Incredibly, the trailer doesn’t feature Madison Cawthorn beating up a tree.