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Fans Really Want A Port Of ‘Star Wars: Rogue Squadron’

There have been a lot of Star Wars games. While video games related to the franchise have not been nearly as common over the last decade, it used to be that Star Wars games were a regular part of the industry and something that fans got excited for. With LucasFilms Games recently forming though, and dropping exclusivity, it has given fans a chance to not only play new Star Wars games but also re-experience some old ones.

Aspyr Media is one of those companies giving fans the opportunity to get back into older Star Wars games, and is currently in the process of remaking Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic after it just finished porting Star Wars: Force Unleashed to the Switch. With both of these titles under their belt, it led to Twitter user Sam Schumacher asking if the company had plans for a port of Rogue Squadron. The company gave an honest answer, if there was a demand for one then sure!

For anyone that might not know, Rogue Squadron is one of the most popular series of Star Wars games ever made. It let many fans relive iconic moments from the movies, such as blowing up the Death Star and the battle on Hoth, but largely through the pilot’s seat. The ability to fly an X-Wing or a Tie Fighter was a dream for many the first time they watched those movies and it let fans experience that. So unsurprisingly, plenty of fans have been letting Aspyr Media know about the demand for a Rogue Squadron port.

The messaging is clear Aspyr: Everyone wants to play Rogue Squadron again! Whether it’s a port or remake, let’s see it happen.