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Pink Sweat$ And The Woods Elevate Each Other In A New Three-Song Performance Video

Often, when you hear of an artist working on new music, there are stories of them retreating to some off-the-grid destination, experiencing the environment as they pour all their creativity into their craft, and then bringing the results of that process back to society. For his new performance, though, Pink Sweat$ took the opposite approach, bringing his songs off the beaten path for some wooded live renditions.

The performance, which is part of Uproxx and T-Mobile’s “Way Way Out Live” series, sees Sweat$ retreating to Staten Island’s Walker Pond (40.58°N 74.112°W, in case you wanted the exact coordinates). Once there, Sweat$, flanked only by a keyboardist and audio equipment, starts with “Nothing Feels Better,” stripping the track down to its core elements, which has the benefit of creating a simplistic, more organic arrangement, as well as letting Sweat$’ exemplary vocals dominate even more than they typically do.

From there, he busted out “Spiritual” before wrapping with the platinum-certified “Honesty,” both with the same impactful aesthetic as the first performance.

Also included in the video is a bit of Sweat$’ journey to make it out to his earthy venue. During that segment, he dives into what creativity means to him, saying, “Innovating as an artist means to me that you’re being conscious about your creativity, to the point where you leave a mark on someone’s heart, someone’s soul, someone’s journey in their own life. For me, it’s super important to feel life, you know, things moving and happening around you. It’s a part of the journey to the song.”

Check out Pink Sweat$’ performances in the video above.

Pink Sweat$ is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.