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Saucy Santana Thwarts Charlamagne The God’s Attempt To Clown A Co-Worker’s Interest In The Rapper

Saucy Santana is enjoying some high moments in his career at the moment. He recently joined Latto on a stop in Atlanta during her Monster Energy Outbreak tour which came a few months after he released his most recent project Keep It Playa. That effort delivered 16 songs with contributions from City Girls, Kali, Beatt King, and Rubi Rose. More recently, Saucy announced that he signed a record deal with RCA which further proves that the trajectory of his career is on an upward climb. Saucy shared the news during a recent appearance on The Breakfast Club, and it’s here that an awkward moment also took place.

During the live broadcast of The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God invited one of his co-workers on the show to step into the room to meet Saucy. It’s here that Charlamagne revealed that the individual “really enjoys your twerk videos.” Saucy clearly did not expect things to pan out as they did. “You buggin’ the f*ck out,” Saucy said to Charlamagne who replied, “I’m not lying. I’m dead serious… He actually said to the room, ‘Y’all don’t be watching Saucy Santana twerk videos?”

Saucy asked the worker if they enjoyed and they replied, “It’s entertainment. I thought it was funny.” Despite the awkward energy in the room, Saucy was able to use the interaction to make a point about his career. “That’s what I love about me,” Saucy later said. “Now I’m at a place in my career where n****s ain’t scared to be like, ‘Yo, I f*ck with the music’ or ‘I f*ck with the vibe,’ or just anything. You could be a straight n**** but you f*ck [with it].”

He continued, “That’s one thing I take pride in. I feel like a hit is undeniable, music is undeniable, star quality [and] star power are undeniable. So regardless if you’re a man, woman, white, Puerto Rican, polka dot: if it’s enjoyable and you f*ck with it, then you f*ck with it.”

You can watch the moment between Saucy, Charlamagne, and The Breakfast Club worker in the video above.