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Do Cinco De Mayo Right By Going To Mexico: Here Are The Best Deals On The Best Mexican Destinations

Devouring traditional Mexican food and gathering with friends is a fine way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but we think you can do better. By booking a ticket and planning a trip to Mexico for the coming months. After all, Mexico offers endless beaches, dense jungles, and one of the most diverse (AND tasty) foodways on earth. It’s a country where you’ll find beachside oases, remote deserts, bustling metropolises, and mountain towns all offering their own unique cultural and culinary practices. Plus, traveling to Mexico from the U.S. is much easier and generally more cost-effective than jet-setting halfway around the world.

If you really want to embrace Cinco de Mayo and all that Mexico has to offer, read on for our top five Mexican destinations to visit, as well as the best corresponding travel deals running right now.


Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, Mexico
Selina Isla Mujeres

If you’re looking to experience Mexico beyond the overcrowded tourist scene in Cancún, consider heading just a few miles off the coast to Isla Mujeres. The Mexican Caribbean island is best known for its pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear water, offering a prime location for snorkeling and wading in the waves. In addition to idyllic beaches, you’ll also find remains of a Mayan temple and a natural reserve (look out for sea turtles!) at Punta Sur, the southernmost tip of the island.

For affordable accommodations off the beaten path, book a bed at Selina Isla Mujeres. This glamping-style hostel experience is just steps from Playa Norte, one of the island’s most popular beaches. Your stay includes access to a cocktail bar, seafood restaurant, library zone, cinema room, on-site IDC Scuba Instructor Certification Center, and an outdoor pool. Overall, Isla Mujeres offers a laidback island atmosphere, warm temperatures, and gorgeous Caribbean views that make for the ultimate relaxation getaway.

Book a stay at Selina Isla Mujeres here.


Southwest Airlines is now offering “low fare” flights to Cancún (where you’ll need to hop on the ferry to Isla Mujeres) for as low as $112 — accepting reservations through November 5, 2022. The upside of booking with Southwest is that you also get two free checked bags, making for budget-friendly travel days to and from the must-visit tropical destination.

Search for the best flight deals at your home airport on the Southwest Low Fare Calendar here.

Mexico City

We can’t talk about visiting Mexico without highlighting its capital, Mexico City (Often called “DF” for Distrito Federal). This is where all the action happens! With more than 150 museums, there’s endless history, art, and culture to soak in. Not to mention, the city’s architecture is worth a tour in and of itself. Featuring an impressive fusion of gothic cathedrals, historical buildings, modern structures, and even ruins of the ancient Aztec capital, Tenochtitlán, you can spend pretty much your entire trip checking out the city’s iconic infrastructure.

As a central hub for Mexican politics and city life, you’re sure to find an abundant supply of traditional cuisine (this is one of the best food cities on earth, full stop), delicious mezcal-infused cocktails, immersive cultural sites, and a lively nightlife.


To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, AeroMexico is offering major flight deals to and from Mexico City for selected U.S. cities — including Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Chicago, and Miami. Check prices and availability here.


Sayulita, located along the Nayarit coastline and surrounded by lush tropical jungle, is a surfer’s paradise and vibrant party hotspot just an hour outside of Puerto Vallarta. Between the long stretch of public beaches, whale-watching tours, downtown shopping, live music, fresh seafood, and festive nightlife, you’ll never get bored on a visit to Sayulita. You can spend a whole day lounging with a margarita under a beach umbrella or seek adventure out at sea.

Sayulita truly has something for everyone (but particularly young, adventure and party-loving travelers), and that goes beyond just the best things to do and see in town. What’s great about Sayulita is that it also offers diverse accommodations to both luxury and budget travelers. Whether you want to stay in an affordable hostel in the heart of town or a secluded waterfront resort, you can easily find options to your liking.


United Airlines has tons of affordable flights going to Puerto Vallarta, where you’ll first arrive to get to Sayulita. There are flights as low as $242, and you can even sign up for a monthly payment plan for your flight ticket. Check United’s most popular flights to Puerto Vallarta here.


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Tulum is a Mexican epicenter for local music festivals and outdoor adventure, and it definitely deserves a spot on your 2022 travel itinerary. This hidden beachside town is an off-the-grid eco-paradise, where you can get in touch with nature at the beach and in the jungle. The ancient Mayan ruins, underground cenotes, environmentally-conscious hotels, and locally-made cuisine make it impossible not to appreciate the longstanding traditions, vibrant people, and relaxed atmosphere found in Tulum.


If you’re flying all the way to Cancún to visit Isla Mujeres, you might as well take a few extra days to go to Tulum. It’s about 80 miles outside of the city, but Cancún is still the best airport to fly into. So you can snag all the same Southwest Airlines travel deals for both destinations.

Browse the best low-fare flight options from your home city here.


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Attention, foodies! Oaxaca is calling your name. A center for gastronomic tourism, Oaxaca is best known for its tantalizing varieties of mole sauce. Oaxaca is also the capital of mezcal, so when you’re full of mole there’ll be plenty to wash it down with. You can get a taste of the local flavor and learn about the process behind the cherished Mexican spirit by taking a local Mezcal Educational Tour.

You’ll find your fair share of significant history in Oaxaca, too. You can even visit various archaeological sites, including that of the indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec populations. Whether you’re inclined to learn more about Mexico’s history, traditional recipes, or mezcal varieties (or all three), Oaxaca is well worth a visit.


Your best bet for getting to Oaxaca on a budget is by first flying to Mexico City for a layover and hopping on a VivaAerobús flight (you might as well make it an overnight layover so you can explore Mexico City on your way!). The airline is offering flights for as low as $55 dollars. Find the best flight options for you here.