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Seth Meyers Ripped Conservatives Who Are Calling The Supreme Court Draft Leak An ‘Insurrection’

“Five conservative Justices on the Supreme Court are apparently poised to overturn Roe v. Wade and erase a woman’s Constitutional right to bodily autonomy, subverting the will of the vast majority of Americans and defying a half-century of legal precedent.” That’s how Seth Meyers kicked off his “A Closer Look” segment on Wednesday night, but that was just the intro of what was to come.

While Meyers discussed the “virtually unprecedented” leak of this magnitude in the history of the Supreme Court, what he was really interested in talking about was the painfully obvious irony of people complaining about the privacy of the court being violated, when said court’s goal is to ban women from having any right to privacy, or autonomy, when making decisions about their own lives, bodies, and health care.

But what irks Meyers most of all is the (admittedly unsurprising) way in which conservatives—who are set to “reap their biggest political victory in 50 years”—are still finding a way to paint it as a woe-is-us moment because of the leak itself. But what the Late Night host deemed the “most unhinged” reaction to the SCOTUS leak was a couple of bumbling Fox News hosts, including Mike Huckabee, referring to the leak of an unclassified document as “an insurrection.” Meyers wasn’t having it:

“Leaking a document is not an insurrection. January 6th, when a mob of rioters violently stormed the Capitol, that was an insurrection. In this case, someone posted a piece of paper online. Here, I’ll prove which one is worse: Do you think Mike Pence would rather be whisked out of a building by Secret Service while a mob chanted ‘Hang Mike Pence!,’ or read a leaked memo that said ‘Hang Mike Pence’?”

You can watch the full clip above.