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50 Cent Wonders Why Dave Chappelle’s Attacker Wasn’t Charged With A Felony

After tackling Dave Chappelle onstage during the comic’s recent show at the Hollywood Bowl, an aspiring rapper was charged with four misdemeanors and no felonies, despite being armed with a knife at the time of the attack. According to ABC News, 23-year-old Isaiah Lee has been charged with battery, possession of a weapon with intent to assault, and two charges related to interfering with a performer. County prosecutors determined that “evidence, as presented, did not constitute felony conduct,” which has some commenters scratching their heads.

One of those commenters, of course, was 50 Cent, who’s never seen a headline he couldn’t turn into a joke or a post on social media. This time, he posted a headline declaring that the attacker wouldn’t be charged with a felony, expressing his disbelief — and some “light” queer-phobia — in the caption. “Is the LGBTQ gonna kill dave right in front of us?” he wondered (circumstances point to: “not bloody likely, chief.”). “He had a weapon a gun, knife how he or she don’t get charged? The world is over, Fvck this.” He also compared the attack to recent incidents involving his “protege” DaBaby. “@dababy they would have charged your ass for thinking about doing that.”

Sigh. It’s always funny when rappers break kayfabe (remember, this is the guy who walked around with “guns the size of Lil Bow Wow” in his rhymes), but the double-dose of speculation that Lee might be trans or that the queer community is responsible for the attack is just irresponsible. It’s also disappointing that 50 didn’t read beyond the leading headline (and I could write another 300 words about how irresponsible the headline is) to know that Lee has been charged, just not with a felony.

By the way, lest we forget, DaBaby has now shot two people in self-defense without being charged, one of whom died. He’s also been caught on camera repeatedly lashing out at several people, many times for little reason at all, so it’s safe to say he’s earned his charges too. Meanwhile, Lee likely has much less access to high-priced lawyers to negotiate his consequences down to something like probation, let alone the resources to get any mental help he may need. We love ya, 50, but maybe this ain’t the hill to die on.