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Madison Cawthorn Claims To Be Popping Corn While Waiting For A ‘Hit Piece’ To Drop, And So Is Everyone Else

Madison Cawthorn is trying to get ahead of yet another scandal as the North Carolina congressman continues to see his dirty laundry routinely aired in public. This time around, Cawthorn says Politico is planning to roll out a “hit piece” about him, and he wants everyone to know he’s totally not bothered by it, bro. Should be fun!

Here’s what Cawthorn wrote on Twitter because he’s definitely not at all worried about this:

A Politico reporter is writing a hit piece on me. (boring) Here’s some of the tweets he’s liked about me over the last few days:

1. I’m “Living (my) life with hate and intolerance”
2. I’m “a terrible member of Congress”

Can’t wait for this totally unbiased article to drop!

Given the highly embarrassing nature of the last two leaks, which featured videos of Cawthorn having his crotch grabbed by his male cousin and humping another man, people aren’t exactly buying Cawthorn’s claim that he’s not worried about the pending Politico piece. They are, however, getting the popcorn ready because, unlike Cawthorn, the new revelations are sure to be entertaining for them.

You can see some of the reactions below:

Just to put a point on how damaging the Cawthorn leaks have been, Donald Trump has reportedly backed away from the North Carolina congressman even though he’s one of his biggest MAGA acolytes. The former president is reportedly “weirded out” by the latest video, and apparently, has been asking people if Cawthorn is “f*cking his cousin.” Always a good sign.

(Via Madison Cawthorn on Twitter)