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Emmy Rossum Shared An Intriguing Anecdote About Living In An Apartment Once Occupied By Axl Rose

Emmy Rossum spent nine seasons as Fiona Gallagher in the U.S.-based iteration of Shameless, and she went as far as possible away from that role in her newest project. That’d be Angelyne, the Peacock limited series based upon the 1980s billboard queen of Los Angeles, and as clichéd as it sounds to say this, Rossum is truly unrecognizable while draped in wigs and pepto-pink accessories. The show will arrive next week, and it’s a raging exploration of identity and celebrity for a Paris Hilton-esque character who arrived on the scene long before Paris Hilton.

To promote her labor of love, Rossum sat down with The Hollywood Reporter for a wide-ranging interview on a number of subjects, including her famous fight for pay parity alongside William H. Macy in her long-running Showtime series. There’s plenty of fun to be had in this piece, but one tidbit that sticks out is how Emmy moved to Los Angeles in the late 1990s with her family. They landed near the Sunset Strip and moved into an apartment where Axl Rose once lived. And that’s how Emmy learned about Guns n’ Roses, and here’s an unusual detail about the bathtub:

Their landlord, for whatever reason, disclosed that the bathtub had not been updated since the Guns N’ Roses frontman lived there. “I was coming out of the classical music world,” says Rossum. “I did not even know who Axl Rose was, but I used to play his music in the bathtub and think, ‘This feels cool.’”

Now I want to know which GNR album that Emmy listened to in the bathtub. Naturally, Appetite For Destruction seems like the opposite of bubble-bath relaxing, although there’s plenty of Use Your Illusion II that would have worked alright for the vibe. As long as it wasn’t The Spaghetti Incident?, well, that’s all that matters here.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)