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Margot Robbie Will Look Stylish While Committing Cool Heists In A New ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ Movie

Once upon a time (now) in Hollywood, there was an Australian actress who was cast in Greta Gerwig’s wild-sounding Barbie movie and new films from David O. Russell, Damien Chazelle, and Wes Anderson. The two-time Oscar nominee has also reportedly been tapped to resurrect two franchises: the Johnny Depp-less Pirates of the Caribbean and the Ocean’s series.

Margot Robbie will star and produce a new Ocean’s movie from not Steven Soderbergh, but Jay Roach, who previously worked with Robbie on Bombshell. (He also directed all three Austin Powers movies, which is the more important credit.) “Details on the script by Carrie Solomon are being kept in the vault, but it is known to be an original Ocean’s Eleven that is set in Europe in the 1960s,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The project is in active development and is not greenlit, insiders say, but the goal is to begin production spring 2023. Warners’ Ocean’s franchise was launched in 2001 when Steven Soderbergh directed a fast-talking, stylish A-list heist comedy. What began as a riff and loose remake of the 1960 Rat Pack movie turned into an unexpected franchise.

There have been four post-Rat Pack Ocean’s movies to date, 2001’s Ocean’s Elevens, 2004’s Ocean’s Twelve, 2007’s Ocean’s Thirteen, and 2018’s Ocean’s 8. If Robbie’s Ocean’s movie follows the same naming convention, it should be called Ocean X.

(Via the Hollywood Reporter)