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Seth Meyers Couldn’t Be Happier To Witness Madison Cawthorn’s Humiliating Re-Election Defeat At The Hands Of His Fellow Republicans

While Madison Cawthorn has made for plenty of laugh-out-loud funny headlines over the past year—most notably by claiming he’s regularly invited to coke-fueled orgies by older Republicans, then saying he lied—the majority has spoken, and made it clear that they’ll be glad to see the back of him. At the top of that list? Seth Meyers.

Meyers kicked off Wednesday night’s “A Closer Look” segment by addressing Cawthorn’s failed bid for re-election, and reminding his viewers of the many reasons why the 26-year-old North Carolinian won’t be missed. “Oh Madison—you may be gone, but soon you will be forgotten,” promised Meyers, who had some ideas of new careers Cawthorn might want to consider, like “starring as the bad boy villain in a CW drama. He looks like he should be next to a locker threatening to tell Pacey about Dawson’s relationship with Joey.”

What Meyers was most intrigued by, however, is how Cawthorn—who was yet another Trump-endorsed candidate—was taken out by the Republican party that he considers himself a part of. As Meyers explained:

It was Republicans who waged a relentless campaign to take Hawthorn down. One GOP operative told The Daily Beast: “It’s definitely a hit job that I’m happy to be a party to. Most of the GOP universe has come around to align against this guy. You’re seeing a full-court, state-based, establishment pushback against him. Get this guy out. Take him out.”

I will say it’s a rare treat to watch Republicans tear each other apart. Because when Republicans decide to knife each other, they hold nothing back. Democrats just snipe at each other on cable news about who’s responsible for their sh*t poll numbers. They’re like the WASPy Connecticut family that just passive-aggressively bickers at the dinner table and then goes to bed full of quiet resentment.

Meyers was particularly amused by Donald Trump’s last-minute attempt to get people back on the Cawthorn train by admitting that the congressman had made “some foolish mistakes” recently, but implored his followers: “Let’s give Madison a second chance.”

“‘Let’s give Madison a second chance’ sounds like something you’d hear at a sorority after a pledge barfs all over the rug,” Meyers observed. “‘Ok, I know she drank an entire box of Franzia, but her dad knows the Dean and I think we should give her a second chance.’”

You can watch the full segment above.