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James Corden Voluntarily Admitted That He Rarely Washes His Hair For Some Reason

The celebrity showering debate is one that nobody asked for, but the hits just keep coming. It began last summer when a slew of Hollywood parents admitted they don’t wash their children (?), and then snowballed into other celebs admitting that they didn’t find showering necessary (????!) Now, James Corden is adding this take into the mix.

On a recent episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden, the host admitted that he is shocked by those who shower for longer than 10 minutes. “I’m in and out [of the shower] in a solid three or four,” Corden said, which puzzled his staff, who then awkwardly went over their showering habits.

While he should have just let it go right then and there, he added, “I’m trying to think about what people do in there for 10 minutes. I use soap, but I don’t wash my hair. I wash it every two months. That is a true story.” One of Corden’s producers then called him “dirty.” Maybe Corden is just trying to burn every bridge before leaving the show next year?

Some celebrities decided to blame their shower habits (or lack thereof) on the ongoing drought in California, which is what caused Corden to speak up when he should have just…not. The main takeaway here is that if you don’t shower, stop telling people that! They will be able to smell you either way. You can check out the clip above if you want to hear Corden trying to defend himself.