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Maisie Williams Confirms That The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Group Chat Exists And Everyone Is In It

Though Maisie Williams stars in the highly-anticipated Sex Pistols series Pistol, which hits Hulu next week, though she still doesn’t seem to mind talking about her former life as Arya Stark and the rest of her Game Of Thrones family.

When asked by Variety who from the series she still keeps in touch with, Williams said that she still talks to all of them. “Everyone. We’re all on a group chat, which is lovely.” She added, “Everyone’s doing really well. And I think that it’s nice to keep up with people enjoying their lives, which had been dominated by the show for so long.” No word yet on if Ed Sheeran is also in said group chat.

The iconic series ended in 2019 with a finale that was universally hated by both fans and critics alike. But Williams does intend on watching the upcoming spinoff House Of The Dragon, which is just one of many, allegedly.

“Yes. I’m really looking forward to it, actually. My friend Olivia [Cooke] is in it, and it’s been really interesting just chatting to her about the experience,” Williams said, adding that she is excited to watch the show from a new perspective. “I’m kind of looking forward to watching Game of Thrones — even though it’s not Game of Thrones — and experiencing it as a person that’s not on it. ‘Cause all I’ve done is meet people who have done just that, and I never really was able to relate to it.”

Pistol premieres on May 31st on Hulu.