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The National Debut Three New Songs On Their European Tour

The National recently announced a lengthy North American tour for this summer, but now they’re in Europe. On Saturday, the band played three new songs for the first time in Spain. Luckily, they played the songs again in Paris on Monday night, where fans were able to get footage. The songs are titled “Tropic Morning News (Haversham),” “Grease In Your Hair (Birdie),” and “Bathwater (Mount Auburn).”

The band’s last album was 2019’s I Am Easy To Find. At the time, frontman Matt Berninger told Uproxx about that record: “It’s a different kind of album. I don’t think of it as not representing us, but I’ve always felt like we were a different kind of band than how we are talked about, so this record doesn’t feel like a huge leap to me. But it will to some, because there are so many voices other than mine on it. I’ve always felt like there’s been a lot of voices other than mine already in there, just because I’ve been writing with my wife, Carin Besser, for so long. So it feels like a pretty natural step for us, for this band and this big group of people that’s more than just these five guys.”

Watch the band’s performance above; find the timestamps in the comments.