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Ted Cruz Is ‘Disappointed’ With Republicans Who Bailed On The NRA Convention After The Uvalde Shooting

Following the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, several Republicans pulled out of appearing at the NRA convention that was scheduled just a few days after the tragic event. However, others like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz did not bail on the convention because it might “look bad” after 19 elementary school children were killed by a gunman.

However, now Cruz is calling out his fellow Republicans for not being a true profile in courage like him. During the recent episode of his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz, the Texas senator voiced his disappointment with members of the GOP who thought it’d probably be a good idea to sit this one out. Via Mediaite:

“I thought it was important to be there,” Cruz said. “I was disappointed to see so many others make the decision not to be there. In part because the media narrative that comes out of horrific crimes, horrific mass murders within seconds, the media immediately wants to politicize them and use them to advance their longstanding political agenda that they had moments before the murder occurred.”

Cruz took things further by pointing out that Trump also wasn’t thrilled that Republicans didn’t show up. Only Trump wasn’t as polite, and if you’re getting “Darth Vader being told about Stormtroopers messing things up” vibes, that’s almost definitely the point.

“I said, look, ‘It was important that you came, it was important that you didn’t back out. Thank you for being here,’” Cruz said about his chat with Trump. “And he of course agreed. And he had, let me just say, some choice words for some of the folks who chose not to be there.”

(Via Mediaite)