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Cancun Ted Cruz Got Dragged For Videos Of Himself Having ‘Ridiculous Fun’ At Poker While Mourners Laid Texas School Shooting Victims To Rest

Ted Cruz continues with his dubious tradition of refusing to read the room. His most famous instance of this (at least in the context of letting down his state) was to flee to sunny Cancun during a devastating ice storm. He’s working hard to live up to that reputation (of shafting his constituents) by not pledging to do much about the Uvalde mass school shooting other than to crusade against doors, which he feels are much more to blame than (no) gun laws for how a gunman took the lives of 19 children at Robb Elementary School.

On Wednesday, Ted (who, for the record, hasn’t accepted nearly as many NRA donations as Mitt Romney, although those gun-lobby donations do exist) decided to ignore the Ulvade funerals that had started to flow (along with news of another mass shooting, this time in Tulsa at a hospital campus). As mourners gathered for slain teacher Irma Garcia (and her husband, Joe, who apparently died of a broken heart two days later), the much maligned senator from Texas decided to tweet about having “ridiculous fun” at a Poker After Dark charity event. He even posted clips:

And although his replies were stacked with people asking what on earth he was thinking, he kept tweeting more clips of the “awesome” poker game.

Ted then (weakly) pointed out that this poker game was months ago, alright? Still, he maybe could have waited to share those clips at a better time for fun.

Journalist Aaron Rupar’s reaction tweet says it all, and so do the rest of these social media users.