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Charli XCX Was Brought To Tears After Fans Asked Her To Play An Unreleased Record She Wrote With SOPHIE

Charli XCX made her way back to the stage last week after she was forced to cancel a couple of shows due to losing her voice. The canceled shows were in Brussels and Utrecht, but as promised, she made her return on May 30 in Berlin, Germany. The following day, the Crash singer held a show in Cologne, Germany and it was here that she was brought to tears on stage. The moment occurred when she asked fans what song they would like to hear her perform. Those in attendance collective requested “Taxi,” the unreleased record that Charli wrote with Sophie, the late Scottish electronic music producer who tragically passed away last year.

The request brought Charli to tears and she explained why to the audience. “Sometimes, I get really emotional when people yell ‘Taxi! Taxi! Taxi’ like, I get really sad,” Charli said. “That was a song that we loved together, and it was a song that never got to have the life that it was supposed to have, and I’m not going to take anyone’s concert experience away from them, that’s not my f*ckinig style. You can do whatever you want at my shows as long as it comes from a place of love.”

She continued, “I just wanted to come and explain to you why sometimes it’s really hard to hear that. It’s no disrespect to the song, it’s not out of disrespect to you guys, it’s just tough because that song is a song I made with a person who I care about so much and who I love so much, but I just wanted to explain it because I don’t think I ever had.”

As compensation for her inability to perform “Taxi,” Charli went on to perform “Vroom Vroom” which is a record that she and SOPHIE were able to successfully complete and release.

You can watch the concert moment in the video above.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.