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Kyle Is Offering Music Royalty Shares From His First MFT Album ‘It’s Not So Bad’

Kyle found a unique way to revitalize his January album It’s Not So Bad this week, turning the album to an MFT (Music Fungible Token) in collaboration with Opulous. According to WeFunder, this marks one of the first times future master recordings for an entire album are tokenized into MFTs. Because It’s Not So Bad is nearly five months old, those who purchase MFTs will immediately begin earning a portion of the album’s royalty revenue.

Opulous has previously worked with artists such as Lil Pump, Soulja Boy, and Ardz Ardz. Kyle had this to say about the venture: “I wanted to release a whole MFT album with Opulous so that my fans and I can get closer to a model of becoming successful as a unit, redefining success together. Sharing this experience with fans and maybe even friends and family is a valuable thing. I don’t think anything will be able to match the feeling as we cross the finish line together.”

The 12-track album It’s Not So Bad featured Craig David, Ivory Scott, Dougie F, and Beam. Kyle and Opulous are offering multiple tiers including different perks such as meeting Kyle in person or at one of his concerts. Purchase your MFTs for It’s Not So Bad here.