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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Preaching Christian Nationalism As The Only Way To End School Shootings, And People Aren’t Having It

Marjorie Taylor Greene of the Jewish space-laser rant (her conspiracy theory about how California wildfires start) gets very upset when journalists mention her Jewish space-laser rant. Yet she is now ranting with a similar mindset about school shootings, which she says happen because people aren’t embracing fascism and white supremacy. Or something like that.

To that end, the QAnon cheerleader posted a video, in which she addresses the Ulvade mass school shooting that saw a lone gunman kill 19 children after purchasing an AR-15-style rifle on his 18th birthday. The subject hasn’t been handled well by the usual GOP suspects (because they love that gun-lobby money), but Greene’s reaching a whole, far-right new level with her rant about how only “Christian nationalism” can end these shootings. She further declared, “Nationalism is a good thing.” Then she added, “We should be proud of an America First nationalism” while urging people to not be afraid of what’s essentially fascism.

Naturally, people pushed back hard at the “dimwitted twit” for essentially stepping up for the KKK and Nazism under another label. First up, though, was the VoteVets organization, a group of progressive veterans who called out Christian nationalism as “completely incompatible with the values of our military, and our country, given our 1st amendment,” especially considering that service people of other faiths consistently step up to defend the United States.

Yep, this is all coming from a sitting congresswoman. The midterms should be a telling moment for Georgia voters.