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Doechii Says Her Dog Was Eaten By A Coyote While She Was On Vacation

Doechii is one of this year’s buzziest artists after dropping cinematic videos for her songs “Crazy” and “Persuasive,” as well as having gone viral on TikTok with her “Yucky Blucky Fruitcake” sound. Unfortunately, the latest news from the TDE-backed rapper isn’t great. While she was away on vacation, Doechii took to her Instagram story to share that her dog was eaten by a coyote.

“My dog got eaten by a coyote today,” she said in a now-deleted post, “so I’m not sure how to continue on with the vacation.”

She has since posted clips from her vacation on her story, however, it is unclear if those clips were previously recorded or recorded in real-time.

Following the news about her dog, rapper JT from City Girls took to Twitter to express support for Doechii.

“so sorry this happened to her,” said JT, “especially while she’s away.”

JT faced a similar incident last month, while she was out of town, however, her dogs remained unharmed.

“So while I was out of town a coyote tried to get in the yard to get my puppies while they was playing,” said JT in a tweet, “now I’m sad & don’t want them to play outside no more!”