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Sasami Shares A New Version Of ‘Tried To Understand’ Featuring J. Mascis

On her latest album, Squeeze, Sasami took us to polar extremities with sounds that ranged from gazy indie, to industrial rock, and even to straight up dark metal yowls. The ambitious collection has been out for a few months, and now Sasami has released an alternate take of “Tried To Understand” that flips the track on its head and features Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis.

“‘Tried To Understand’ was a song that took many forms before it became what you hear on my album,” Sasami said in a statement.

These words should not be taken lightly, as it goes from a grassy folk tune with a sweet lead guitar, to a decidedly thrashier, driving number with a more assertive lead riff by Mascis. It rips hard at every turn and there’s a balanced dynamic in vocals from Sasami and Mascis.

“This rawer cut with J. Mascis is kind of a peek into the different dimensions and moods one composition can inhabit,” added Sasami, who is currently on tour with Haim. “This version features Ty Segall on drums, me on bass and guitar and J. on the ripping leads and backing vocals. It’s the less cute version of what spinning out can sound like.”

Listen to the alternate version of “Tried To Understand” above.