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Sadie Sink Explains Why She Got ‘Really Lucky’ In Her Big ‘Stranger Things’ Season 4 Scene

Stranger Things is a remarkably well-cast show, but with all due respect to Millie Bobby Brown, Jamie Campbell Bower, and the legend Winona Ryder, the MVP of season four is Sadie Sink.

The Taylor Swift fanatic, who plays Kate Bush-loving Max on the hit show, is getting serious Emmys consideration for her performance in episode four, “Dear Billy,” which is being called “one of the greatest Stranger Things episodes of all time.”

Netflix recently shared a video of the cast reacting to Max’s escape from the Mind Lair from “Dear Billy” (Gaten Matarazzo is literally on the edge of his seat) as well as a breakdown of the scene from Sink. “That was shot over, I think, it might have been a week we spent on that, or four days, I guess. A lot of time spent in a harness,” she explained. “It was pretty intense. And all the vines and stuff, none of that is there. We did get really lucky this year because Vecna was pretty much fully practical effects, which made it easier for me so I’m not staring at a man in a green suit.” Or a tennis ball.

Here’s what that looks like:


Stranger Things 4 returns for two more episodes on July 1.