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SUDA 51 And Devolver Digital Ended Video Games For Good During Their Indie Games Event

Nobody puts on a video game presentation quite like Devolver Digital. While everyone else is usually focused on creating a semi-serious presentation of video game trailers and announcements, Devolver typically shows off a pre-recorded sketch. This sketch almost always pokes fun at everything about the video game industry, the idea of putting on a summer presentation at all, and how self important so much of the industry can be sometimes. It’s that perfect level of self aware and over-the-top humor that makes it a must see every year. Even better? It also manages to show off a handful of awesome upcoming indie games to check out.

This year’s presentation honestly had some of the coolest looking games yet, but before we get to that we have to talk about the sketch. Devolver Digital brought in legendary Japanese game developer, SUDA 51, to assist with this year’s sketch. He played the role of a giant mecha robot whose goal in creation was to bring the entire video game industry together into one “singularity.” This singularity is of course going to consolidate all of video games into one giant blob where Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony no longer exist and there is only Devolver Digital. For anyone that might not understand the joke, this is a reference to how many major publishers such as Microsoft have been buying game studios like Activision Blizzard.

By the end of the sketch, Devolver Digital has destroyed all of video games. They no longer exist and all of us are free to go touch grass, but that wouldn’t be very fun so thankfully none of this is real and we can all enjoy some of the amazing indie games that were put on display throughout the presentation.

Cult of the Lamb

Don’t let the cute exterior and early cinematic fool you. This is a very dark and violent action game and gives off some major The Binding of Isaac vibes. Everything about the gameplay style is crude and off-putting with cult-like symbols throughout the levels it shows off. Yet, despite the crudeness, all the playable characters still have that cutesy design throughout as they slash through armies of cultists and monsters. At times it almost feels comedic because the two styles contrast each other so dramatically, making it unique in a way that is going to appeal to a lot of people but might be a little off-putting to others. Anyone with kids may want to play this game while they’re asleep.

Anger Foot

Kick down doors, shoot your way through mobs of enemies, and do all of it with a killer soundtrack playing the entire time. That’s the big appeal of Anger Foot and wow does it come out strong in the trailer. There’s something really cool about the way everything in this game is presented. The art style is colorful, the trailer ends with the main character driving a car with their feet, and it leaves you wanting to play the game immediately. Everything about this game can be explained in the title. The main character is angry and they are using their foot to solve their problems. Boom. Put it on the box and sell it.

Card Shark

You know what’s more fun than winning a game of cards? Winning a game of cards that you cheated in. Okay, maybe cheating in real life isn’t all that fun, but doing it in a video game is a rip-roaring good time and that’s what Card Shark lets the player do. Through dirty tactics, quick shuffling techniques, and a little bit of luck you can win your way to riches, but everyone knows what happens to cheaters who get caught. So do your best to not do that.

Card Shark has actually been out since June 2 and it’s reviewing really well so far with an 80 on Metacritic. This trailer may have been the final push some needed to go out and get it for PC or Switch.

Skate Story

Skate Story just has an extremely cool look to it. That is the big selling point of this game. There’s a potentially emotional story about the fact that the player is a demon made of glass who just can’t stop skating, but that is completely overshadowed by an out-of-this-world presentation. Everything from the color selection, to the style, and even the music is absolutely perfect.

There is a subtle brilliance to taking the very foundation skateboarding is built on, falling and getting back up, and making that taboo. When the player falls they shatter and we can only assume that’s the end of whatever run they’re currently on. That danger and need to continue skating is only going to push hardheaded players forward even more. This is one that personally I will be looking out for on launch day.

The Plucky Squire

Some ideas are just so good they have to be seen to be understood. The Plucky Squire is one of those ideas. The trailer initially looks like a cute storybook where the player goes through the adventure of the storybook, but then the twist comes and it’s revealed that in reality, it’s a 3D adventure where the main character can enter and exit 2D spaces. This isn’t the first game to utilize this kind of concept, but it looks unique in how its implemented and could lead to some really cool moments if handled right. This was a personal favorite of the entire showcase because everything about it looked so cool. Another must play at launch.