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Donald Trump May Have Accidentally Accused Ivanka Of Committing Perjury With The Jan. 6 Committee, According To Mary Trump

The Jan. 6 committee hearings kicked off on Thursday, and they were an instant ratings powerhouse. Super Bowl-sized crowds tuned into numerous networks to watch as House members began to lay out their case that Donald Trump knowingly pushed 2020 election lies, all while allies coordinated with various groups to descend upon D.C.

One of the bombshells found a deer-in-headlights Ivanka Trump, with careful wording, admitting she believed then-Attorney General Bill Barr’s belief that there was no fraud. The next day her father, in a less carefully worded statement, pushed back, claiming Ivanka didn’t know what she was talking about and was “only trying to be respectful” to Barr, whom he said “sucked!”

Was he essentially — and perhaps accidentally — calling his daughter a liar? Who therefore lied under oath? That’s what Mary Trump, the former president’s niece and one of his sharpest and fiercest critics claimed when appearing Sunday on MSNBC.

“I think Ivanka walked a very fine line,” Mary said. “She did not say anything necessarily incendiary but, as we thought would happen, she decided she needed to come down on the side of what the facts support.”

Mary said pointed out that “Donald didn’t entirely throw her under the bus.” Instead he did something perhaps worse. “But I think it’s really important to point out the fact he said that she checked out, although that is kind of rude, isn’t really the issue. He is accusing her of perjury, really.”

Host Alex Witt responded, “That’s interesting, I hadn’t read it that way.”

Trump is famously not great with words, as witness that time he accidentally told the truth about losing the 2020 election. But his former close associates have indicated that he’ll absolutely throw his beloved kids under the bus to save his hide. Meanwhile, Donald, Don Jr., and Ivanka will all be doing something else together: spending hours sitting for a deposition pertaining to the New York State investigation into the family business’ dealings.

You can watch their relative point out what Donald inadvertently did in the video below.

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