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A GOP Lawmaker Said The Jan. 6 Hearings Have Made Him Decide Not To Support Trump In 2024

The Jan. 6 hearings have proven to perhaps be bigger than expected. The first session, which aired during prime time, were a ratings smash. After a hearing devoted to him helping destroy the lives of election workers and bullying state legislators, even Fox News’ Neil Cavuto admitted it made him look “awful, just awful.” Now he’s starting to lose Republican congresspeople.

Don Bacon, a moderate Republican representative from Nebraska, went on CNN Wednesday, where he discussed watching the hearings. He admitted they’ve already, only four sessions in, with more to go, changed his mind. How much? To the point that should Trump run again in 2024, as he’s long teased, Bacon “will not be supporting” him.

If a relatively obscure GOP congressperson jumping ship doesn’t sound like that big a deal, then know that mere weeks ago, Bacon was criticizing Trump but pointedly not going so far as to say he wouldn’t support his third presidential run should he win the primary.

Some found themselves optimistic that Bacon is simply the first domino to fall on the Republican side of Congress, which has been all-in on Trump, even after the events of Jan. 6.

Of course, Trump has spent his entire life being made of Teflon, avoiding any and all serious punishment for his alleged crimes. But there’s a chance — a slim one, or maybe not — that a figure so chaotic that he let a documentary crew film him and his cronies as they tried to overturn an election might finally get his comeuppance.

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