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Chris Hemsworth Wants To Play Thor in ‘Deadpool 3’ To Bust Hugh Jackman’s Superhero Streak

It’s always nice when superheroes get in on the fancasting game, especially because they can fancast themselves. Granted, asking an actor if they want to continue making a bunch of money playing a superhero is a little like asking if they want to work with Steven Spielberg. There’s only one wrong answer.

On a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Chris Hemsworth took film critic Ali Plumb’s bait when asked if he’d still be playing Thor six years from now so he could best rival Hugh Jackman‘s 16-year streak of playing Wolverine.

“I wasn’t gonna, but now that you’ve put that in front of me, you make a good point. It’s only 6 years. I’ve come this far. To turn back now would just be a waste,” Hemsworth said. When Plumb joked that Jackman doing a cameo in Deadpool 3 (as Logan, not, like, the World’s Greatest Showman or something) would complicate things, Hemsworth said he’d sabotage it by making a few phone calls. “I might put myself in Deadpool instead. That would be the offering.”

Ryan Reynolds, call your agent.

Obviously, now, unless both Wolverine and Thor are in Deadpool 3, in the same scene, maybe doing an R-rated dance number, the film will be a massive disappointment on an historical scale. These are the biggest stakes a superhero movie has ever seen.

(via BBC Radio 1)