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Giveon Refuses To Take Another Chance At True Love In His Dismissive Video For ‘Lost Me’

Giveon has officially opened a new chapter in his career. The Long Beach singer made a name for himself with projects like Take Time and When It’s All Said And Done, but neither of those were truly his official entrance into the R&B world. That comes with his newly-released debut album Give Or Take. The project was led by two strong singles — “For Tonight” and “Lie Again” — and the entire body of work arrives together with a video for “Lost Me.”

The song presents Giveon’s dismissal of future attempts at love after past ones only left him heartbroken. “We can kiss, we can touch and do it often,” he sings. “But if you’re here lookin’ for love, that’s when you lost me.” The video itself captures Giveon making his stern declarations to a woman as a group of people dance around him in various locations.

In a press release about the video, Giveon also gave some new insight into his new album. “Give Or Take is a collection of reminiscences over the last few years of my life,” he said. “Suddenly having to adapt to a world in which there are so many eyes watching and experiencing a wide spectrum of emotions at once naturally brought these songs to the surface.” He added, “All in all, Give Or Take reflects the love and the loss I’ve had to face as well as the growth and the healing I’ve come to accept.”

You can watch the video for “Lost me” above.

Give Or Take is out now via Epic Records. You can stream it here.