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A Long-Time Supporter Of Vladimir Putin Has Come Out Against His ‘Colossal Mistake’ Of A Ukraine War

Vladimir Putin’s been waging a dismal war in Ukraine for over 100 days, and all the Botox in the world can’t help his image. His approval rating has plummeted to a 20-year low, he’s throwing down with sanctions aimed at “Moscow Mitch” for crying out loud, and let’s just say that things aren’t going as well as the Kremlin would like to pretend.

The Ukrainian people (led by President Zelensky) are standing firm in their resolve not to cave, and the economic effects upon Russia have been dire. That’s especially the case for not-rich people, but Russian oligarchs are losing yachts (to seizure) around the globe, and Russia’s growing increasingly isolated. Now, the Daily Beast is relaying how Oleg Deripaska, a tycoon and enduring Vladimir Putin proponent, is no longer ride-or-die for his guy. In fact, Deripaska is talking about how Putin’s making a “colossal mistake” over in Ukraine. He’s warning of no hope on the horizon for Russia, and he fears a nuclear accident. Here’s more:

Speaking publicly at Moscow State University, the Western-sanctioned oligarch avoided placing any blame for the war against Ukraine and said anyone hoping for a regime change in Russia will be disappointed, according to video shared by RBC. “There’s no potential for a regime change,” he said, adding that “the [Russian] opposition preferred beautiful European views, and all that, they’ve retreated from the life of the country.”

Well, it’s no wonder that reports about Putin’s circle digging around for a successor are starting to make even more sense. Russia’s now a global pariah, and sanctions will continue to fly, especially while Putin’s forces are condemned for a “war crime” after bombing civilians who were gathered to shop. It’s pretty awful all around, but Putin shows no signs of deciding to pull out of the war.

(Via The Daily Beast)