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You Can Now Learn How To Make A TV Show From The Duffer Brothers Themselves

If you’ve ever sat down to watch Stranger Things and thought “hey, I could make that!” then 1) you are not alone in that and 2) now you can!

Stranger Things creators The Duffer Bros have launched a series on MasterClass where you can learn the tips and tricks of writing your own TV show, though you probably don’t have quite the same amount of resources that Netflix has, but you can get there eventually!

The class will consist of 18 video lessons, totaling 5 hours and 18 minutes (about the length of three or so Stranger Things season four episodes, give or take). The brothers will go through their storyboarding, character development, and more to help fans create their very own storyline. Those who wish to take the course will have to sign up for a MasterClass subscription which costs about $180 a year.

“Our class is for anyone who dreams of telling stories for a living,” Matt Duffer said in a statement. “Writing can be a blast, but at times it can feel overwhelming, even impossible. We have spent months staring at a blank page, with no idea how or where to begin. But after years of struggle, we finally developed a writing process that works for us, a process that we now use every single day on Stranger Things.

MasterClass says that the class will also feature “never-before-seen documents including initial brainstorms and plot outlines for Stranger Things.” Where is the plotline that brings Sean Astin back?

Ross, the other Duffer, added, “Finding an effective writing process is a huge step in your journey, but not the only one. What if, like us, you grew up far away from Hollywood, with no connections? How do you get anyone to read — much less buy — your script? In our class, we’ll cover that too. We’ll show you how to get your foot in the door — and how to get that idea off the page and onto the screen.” Maybe YOU can write the next smash Netflix series?! Please don’t kill off everyone’s favorite characters.

(Via Variety)