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A Documentary About TV Legend William Shatner Is In The Works

William Shatner, now 91, has accomplished a lot in his multi-decade career. He originated the now-iconic Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise and won two Emmy awards for The Practice and its spin-off, Boston Legal. He was also, of course, “The Negotiator” in Priceline commercials. Thankfully, Kaley Cuoco has taken the lead there so he can rest. He has also been to space, for real.

The Wrap reports that a documentary about the actor is in the works at Legion M and Exhibit A Pictures. The doc is being directed by Alexandre O. Philippe, who directed the 2010 film The People Vs. George Lucas, which explored Star Wars fans’ fascination with its creator. Footage from the Shatner doc is expected to debut at San Diego Comic Con 2022 in July, in a panel moderated by writer/director and fanboy Kevin Smith.

“For years I’ve had people approaching me to do a documentary about my life, but I turned them all down because it didn’t feel like the right fit,” Shatner said in a statement per The Wrap. “Alexandre and I hit off right away, and when I heard how Legion M wanted to incorporate audiences to be a part of it, it was perfect. Fans have been responsible for my career — it only seems right that they should own this doc.”

Legion M co-founders Paul Scanlan and Jeff Annison said in a joint statement that Shatner is “has led one of the most unique and best-lived lives on the planet, ” adding that “the REAL William Shatner is even more interesting.” Based on that, it’s safe to assume that Shatner’s most public enemy, George Takei, is not involved.

(via TheWrap)