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Rudy Giuliani Is Now Selling Overpriced Sandals For Mike Lindell With The ‘Craziest Tweet Of All Time’

Rudy Giuliani has moved on to a different Big Lie: that $50 sandals are a bargain.

A day after the former-New York City mayor may have incriminated himself by admitting to begging Donald Trump for a pardon over his role in the failed MAGA coup on January 6th, Giuliani took to Twitter to promote his collaboration with Mike Lindell’s MyPillow. “Great products at reasonable prices. Use code Rudy for additional savings,” he tweeted late Thursday night, along with a middle school-level graphic of patriotic sandals. The regular price is $79.98, but with promo code “RUDY,” you can have the Crocs knockoffs for only $49.98. I guess the bags of MyCoffee aren’t flying off the digital shelves.

The sandals have three layers — Layer 1 – MyPillow Shock-Absorbing Gel Pad; Layer 2 – MyPillow Impact Gel; and Layer 3 – MyPillow Proprietary Foam — so your friends will be jealous when you show up to a Staten Island grocery store wearing these bad boys.

They’re already the talk of Twitter. “4th of July themed for no reason. Text is nearly illegible. “NEW SANDALS!” $49.98. Not .99 – .98. Regular price $79.98. These things must cost less than a dollar to make. Maybe $0.98. Two black ones. Red gradient background. Promo code. No link. 10/10. The perfect ad,” @M.G. Siegler tweeted, while @Noahpinion added, “Among the sadder tweets I’ve ever seen.”

The sandals will look great with the cigars and gold coins.