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‘Manifest’ Superfan Stephen King Has A Simple Request For The Final Season On Netflix

NBC doesn’t hang onto sci-fi shows for too long — does La Brea count as part of the pattern? it’s too soon to tell — and a few years ago, the network made the abrupt move of cancelling Manifest while the bonkers mystery show sat atop the Netflix streaming charts. This left fans with no way to learn what happened with Flight 828’s passengers (and their equally perplexed families), but eventually, Netflix decided to pick up the show for a fourth and final supersized season of the inexplicably addictive show.

During that fan upheaval, Stephen King revealed himself to be a devotee (while dropping a #SaveManifest tag) because the man enjoys a good mystery, as his accurate prediction of the Mare of Easttown killer’s identity proved. Granted, Manifest isn’t nearly as stripped down and efficient as another show that King enjoyed, Black Summer, but both shows share a sense of solid momentum.

As we wait for the show’s hopeful fall release (showrunner Jeff Rake previously mentioned the target month of November), King has a key request to make: “I hope they can avoid ‘It’s complicated’ and ‘Trust me.’ Otherwise, I can’t wait.”

Yup, same. Although in all fairness to Michaela Stone, it’s difficult to urge people to believe anything when voices pop into one’s head. At times like those, “trust me” is probably the most sane thing that can be said, if that makes sense.

So far, we’ve heard that Manifest‘s final round will hold 20 episodes and arrive in two parts. Part of me wouldn’t mind waiting until the show’s actual Death Day (June 2, 2024) to find out what happens, and maybe that was part of the original plan for NBC? No one’s talking on that note, so it’s… complicated.