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Jordan Peele Does It Again: The First ‘Nope’ Reactions Reveal An Overwhelming ‘Yep!’

The reactions are pouring in for Jordan Peele‘s third film, the mysterious UFO thriller Nope, which re-teams the director with Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya. While taking great pains not to give away the plot of the sci-fi flick, critics are overwhelmingly here for Peele putting his stamp on the invasion genre with a film that’s rife with social commentary but is also a visual spectacle like nothing Peele has delivered before. Going by the reactions, it appears that Peele swung big with Nope and crushed it.

“I really loved NOPE,” Uproxx‘s Mike Ryan tweeted. “Beyond the symbolism (there’s a good amount of that), I think it really works as a fun alien movie in the spirit of TREMORS (a movie, as I found out, Jordan Peele loves). It feels like a summer alien movie throwback. Great fun.”

“NOPE is out of this world” CNN’s Frank Pallotta tweeted. “A monster mash with great performances (esp. Kaluuya) and a 50s sci-fi invasion motif. A spectacle about the horrors of spectacles. Jordan Peele has been compared to Hitchcock, but NOPE shows he’s a next-gen Carpenter. Enjoy the show and don’t look up.”

“Not going to spoil any aspect of @JordanPeele’s #NopeMovie except to say *big* thumbs up,” writes Steven Weintraub at Collider. “And cinematographer Hoyte Van Hoytema shot the movie using @IMAX cameras so if you’re going to see #Nope see it in IMAX. Hoytema previously shot ‘Tenet,’ ‘Dunkirk,’ and ‘Interstellar.’”

“The most important thing you need to know about NOPE is it’s crazy different from Get Out & Us,” Yahoo! Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy tweeted. “This is Jordan Peele spreading his wings and making big budget Spielberg/esque sci-fi, but with the subtext you’d expect. Enter with an open mind and you’ll be rewarded.”

“So #NopeMovie is absolutely phenomenal in so many ways,” writes Heather Wixson of Daily Dead News. “Perfectly blends together a sci-fi spectacle w/a story that is also something of a Hollywood reckoning & it blew my expectations away. Gorgeously shot, the sound mix is thunderous & the cast all shines. Love love loved it.”

You can see more Nope reactions below:

Nope opens in theaters on July 22.