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Stella Donnelly Goes Deeper Than The Surface In The Emotional ‘How Was Your Day?’ Video

When people ask someone how they’re doing, they often don’t actually care about the answer. What’s lost is the opportunity to connect with another person. In the new “How Was Your Day?” video, Stella Donnelly shows a genuine interest in other people’s struggles.

The video is about loving thy neighbor as seen through a variety of characters. Donnelly is dealing with a troubled relationship, keeps moving about her room, appearing flustered. There’s also a car crash victim nursing her bloodied forehead, a man drowning in the ocean, and a young child lying on the floor in pain while soccer players sprint around him.

Eventually, as the singer continues to switch between full singing and spoken word, each character magically receives a phone, which they use to speak to someone, presumably Donnelly, about what’s going on. The fact that someone cares gets the girl to stand up and dust herself off, the man to leave the ocean, and the soccer player to get back in the game. It’s a powerful depiction of what a little empathy can do.

“How Was Your Day?” follows Stella Donnelly’s three previous singles released this year: “Flood,” “Lungs,” and “Proof.” Her next album Flood is out on August 26 via Secretly Canadian, coming almost three and half years after the release of Beware Of The Dogs.

Check out “How Was Your Day?” above.

Flood is out 8/26 via Secretly Canadian. Pre-save it here.