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Niki Recalls Her Teenage Years On Her New Single ‘High School In Jakarta’

Singer Niki is prepping for the release of Nicole, her sophomore album out next Friday. The anticipation has been growing as she unleashed compelling singles that show off her incisive songwriting, including “Before” and “Oceans & Engines.” Today, she’s giving another preview into the LP with the new song “High School In Jakarta.”

“High School In Jakarta” watches Niki use details to her advantage, reflecting on her life with such specificity and casualness that it feels like she’s talking to a friend: “Didn’t you hear Amanda’s moving back to Colorado? / It’s 2013 & the end of my life,” she sings, opening the track by immediately throwing the listener into her life without warning. Through conjuring tangible characters, Niki portrays complicated dynamics and themes of youth: “I still hate you for making me wish I came out smarter / You love/hate your mother, so do I.”

When announcing Nicole, Niki said, “This project is without a doubt my most favorite thing I have ever made as an artist. It’s where younger me and current me meet and hang and have a fucking blast together.” This track shows this meeting together of her two selves, and it’s mesmerizing to watch.

Watch the video for “High School In Jakarta” above.

Nicole is out 8/12. Pre-order it here.