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A Giants Coach Apologized For Shoving A Player And Sparking A Gigantic Brawl In Practice

Monday was an interesting day for the New York Giants, as the team tried going through practice but could not get through the whole thing without a brawl breaking out. According to reports, things started to get tense and eventually boiled over when Bobby Johnson, the team’s offensive line coach, shoved linebacker Cam Brown, which led to a whole lot of other stuff happening that you normally do not want to see teammates do.

The one video we have of the brawl is from quite a ways away, but things were so bad that teammates from both sides of the field had to run in and break things up.

Usually when fights happen during training camp it’s because a pair of players get into it. This one was unique, however, as a coach played a role in things getting tense. New Giants head coach Brian Daboll said “that’s not what we’re looking for,” per the New York Post, while Johnson apologized for his role in the skirmish on Tuesday.

“It’s a regrettable incident that can’t and won’t happen again,” Johnson said about shoving a player on the other side of the ball, which led to the offense and the defense fighting and you know when you put it that way it makes sense why that probably shouldn’t happen again.