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Pharrell Avoids Embarrassment With A Perfectly Fine First Pitch At A New York Yankees Game

50 Cent, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Mariah Carey are all hugely successful musicians, but baseball fans may know them best as purveyors of some of the worst ceremonial first pitches in the history of the sport. It’s not all bad when it comes to musical artists doing athletic stuff, though, as Kevin Morby just had a fantastic first pitch at a Kansas City Royals game in July. At Yankee Stadium yesterday (August 22), it was Pharrell’s turn to take the mound before the Yankees played the Mets, offering a perfectly fine throw that was closer in quality to Morby than it was to Carey.

Alongside 13-year-old son Rocket Ayer Williams, Pharrell stood just in front of the mound and offered a throw that was a bit of a lob, but his form looked comfortable and the pitch landed in the strike zone, with the catcher only having to get out of his crouch slightly to catch the ball as it sailed over the plate. Considering how poorly moments like this have gone in the past, Pharrell did a good job and kept his name off an all-time-worst list.

As Pharrell took the field, he wore items from his new Billionaire Boys Club x Yankees special edition apparel line the launched yesterday, which was the reason for Pharrell’s presence on the field. The clothing and other goodies are available for purchase in various ways, including at Yankee Stadium and on the Billionaire Boys Club website.