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Mayim Bialik Had An Awkward Encounter With A ‘Jeopardy!’ Fan Who Asked Her About Ken Jennings

It’s pretty simple, really: Ken Jennings will host the new season from Jeopardy! from September until December, at which point Mayim Bialik will take over. That’s it. But it’s a concept that a stranger couldn’t seem to grasp during an awkward encounter with Bialik.

“I went to the lobby of where I was filming this Jeopardy! shoot today and [a] man was wearing a mask and I was with [my assistant],” Bialik said in a video on Instagram. “[She] said to the man, ‘We’re here for a Jeopardy! shoot.’ The guy says ‘Oh, are you going to be on the show?’ and it was kind of awkward.” The former-The Big Bang Theory and Blossom star told the guy that she’s also a host, “and he was like ‘What about Ken Jennings?’ And I said ‘Well, we actually share duties.’ And he was like ‘Oh.’”

The Call Me Kat leading lady went on to explain that the man said he was from Canada just like Alex Trebek was. In the end, it seems like she laughed off the encounter. Mayim’s fans, of course, were nothing but supportive despite the awkward moment.

At least he wasn’t there to meet Mike Richards.

Bialik doesn’t take over for Jennings on regular Jeopardy! until next January, but she will host Celebrity Jeopardy! beginning September 25.

(Via Good Housekeeping)