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Congratulations To Netflix’s Horny ‘365 Days’ Trilogy For Possibly Setting An Unwanted Rotten Tomatoes Record

You know how schlock purveyor The Asylum makes legally-distinct knockoffs of popular movies in the hopes that grandma accidentally buys her granddaughter Ape vs. Monster instead of Godzilla vs. Kong or Top Gunner: Danger Zone instead of Top Gun: Maverick?

365 Days is like that for Fifty Shades of Grey, except it’s on Netflix and it’s wildly popular.

The horny trilogy365 Days, 365 Days: This Day, and The Next 365 Days, which came out last Friday and is hanging out in the top-10 — is not wildly popular among critics, however. As noted by Comic Book, all three films have a zero percent Tomatometer rating on Rotten Tomatoes, a possible first for a trilogy. 365 Days is zero for 16 among reviews; 365 Days: This Day is zero for 17; and The Next 365 Days is zero for two, which technically isn’t enough reviews to qualify for a score. But come on, it’s unlikely that any critic will go to bat for the Polish Fifty Shades Freed.

Then again…

There are plenty of movies with a zero percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, including some franchises like 365 Days. But they’re usually the third or fourth sequel to a classic, like Jaws: The Revenge (Jaws: 97 percent) or, uh, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (Police Academy: 57 percent). The 365 Days trilogy is a collective zero for 35.

Maybe the inevitable fourth movie will get that elusive positive review.

(Via Comic Book)