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Marjorie Taylor Greene Is So Very Mad That Biden Seemingly Forgot Her Name (Lucky Him)

After a year-and-a-half of mostly trying to ignore them, the Joe Biden administration is finally attacking the MAGA contingent of Congress. Last week, amidst conservative uproar over student debt forgiveness, the official White House Twitter account launched a take-no-prisoners thread identifying the many GOP lawmakers who took out PPP loans — and had them forgiven. One of them was Marjorie Taylor Greene, who then had the extra insult of Biden seemingly to forget her name.

Biden was talking to reporters Friday about Republicans being angry about making a generation of college graduates’ lives better. “I found it absolutely fascinating that some of the folks who were talking about [how] this is big spending are the same people who got $158,000 in PPP money,” he said. He then tried to name an example, but could only get “what’s her name? The woman who believes in…anyway.”

Biden was almost certainly referring to Greene but seems to have had a momentary brain fart. Maybe he blocked her out after she and Lauren Boebert heckled his State of the Union earlier this year, even if she wasn’t the one who did so while he was talking about his dead son Beau. Whatever the explanation, Greene was not pleased that the president she so hates forgot her many-syllabled name.

“Well if his dementia wasn’t so bad he could remember,” Greene railed. “At least President Trump knows everyone’s name. Joe is a career politician that knows nothing about making payroll during a tyrannical government shutdown. He only knows how to buy votes.”

In any case, imagine not being able to remember the name of arguably the most annoying person in Washington, no matter how briefly. Biden’s a lucky guy.