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Punk Rock Icons NOFX Will Mark Their 40th Anniversary By Breaking Up

“He should’ve been on the cover…He should’ve been on the cover…He should’ve been on the cover of Punk and Disorderly.” –NOFX, “Punk Guy” 1994

Formed in 1983 in Los Angeles, CA, the term “punk rock icons” is reserved for bands like NOFX. 14 albums into their storied career, the band’s 40th year will be their last, according to comments made by bassist/singer “Fat Mike” Burkett, and later confirmed by Rolling Stone.

In what is described as “an unrelated Instagram post,” someone asked why NOFX doesn’t play more shows in Canada, to which Fat Mike responded in the comments, “Actually, we love Canada, it’s just that next year will be our last year. We will be announcing our final shows soon. It’s been an amazing run….” Adding later in the thread that, “Los Angeles will be the last place we play. It’s where we started, it’s where we’ll end.”

The band’s current lineup of Fat Mike, Eric Melvin, Eric Sandin, and El Hefe, have been together since 1991. They’ve cranked out iconic punk albums like Punk In Drublic, White Trash, Two Heebs And A Bean, and Heavy Petting Zoo, as well as the classic live album, I Heard They Suck Live!!, and most recently, 2021’s Single Album. Come next year, the punk rock community will rejoice at their final tour, but will ultimately be moshing with a tender heart.