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Lindsey Graham Awkardly Stumbled His Way Through Yet Another Defense Of His ‘Riots In The Street’ Comment

Lindsey Graham is back on the defensive. Less than a week after telling Fox News that there would be “riots in the street” if anyone dares to prosecute Donald Trump for stealing hundreds of top-secret documents from the White House and doing who-knows-what with them at Mar-a-Lago, the senator from South Carolina is once again explaining that he really didn’t say that traitorous thing you heard him say.

On Saturday morning, Graham — wearing his best Italian Villa Casual look — took a break from the Ambrosetti Forum in Italy to chat waterside with CNBC’s Steve Sedgwick about his controversial comments, and to stumble his way through yet another walkback of them. What Graham was trying to do, he explained, was “state the obvious.”

We’re listening…

The way Graham sees it, apparently, is that Republicans in America are being regularly mistreated by our legal system. Though he claimed that he was all for the Mueller investigation into Trump, Graham says that’s just one example of how some people are being treated like criminals, just because they’re Republicans.

Then, of course, there are Hillary Clinton’s emails (SIGH!) — the default response for anyone attempting to defend Trump’s criminal behavior. So that’s exactly where Graham went, noting that “at the end of the day, nothing happened to her.”

So here’s what I said: The raid on President Trump’s home, the likely nominee for 2024, better bear some fruit here. If it’s just about mishandling classified information, we’ve had a standard set when it came to Hillary Clinton.

Our country, people on our side, believe that when it comes to the justice system, there are no rules regarding Trump. ‘Get him — it doesn’t matter how you get him.’ So I said, if it’s similar to what happened to Clinton, and he gets prosecuted, it’ll be one of the most disruptive events in America.

This latest act of self-defense comes just days after Graham tried telling the world that he never said there would be “riots in the street,” even though he did. And following Trump himself suggesting that the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago in order to find Hillary’s emails?!

You can watch Sedgwick’s interview above.

(Via CNBC)