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Léa Seydoux Teases That Her Bond Character Madeleine Swann Could Always Return: ‘After All, I’m Not Dead’

Who knows where the Bond franchise is heading next? Daniel Craig’s 007 is [spoiler] dead. The franchise can start anew. Or it can continue, with a new globe-trotting agent. Will Idris Elba finally do what many want and take over? Will James Bond become a woman? The franchise’s producers don’t seem to be in any huge rush to decide on its future. So it’s time for some reckless speculation, even from one of the movies’ big supporting players.

Deadline caught up with Léa Seydoux, who played Bond girlfriend/baby mama Madeleine Swann in the last two Craig outings, at the Telluride Film Festival, where she’s promoting the romantic French drama One Fine Morning. The actress was asked about her stint in one of the movies’ biggest franchises, and she teased that maybe she, at least, will be back.

”After all I’m not dead,” Seydoux told Deadline. “It was James who died, not Madeleine. So, who knows? Maybe I’ll be back.” She added, “This is like fake news, right? But if we’re serious for a moment, Madeleine drives away with her daughter right at the end because James has saved them. There’ll be a new Bond because Daniel’s Bond died but who’s to say that Madeleine won’t be back?”

Seydoux then stressed that none of this is remotely confirmed top secret intel. “I haven’t spoken to Barbara [Broccoli, one of the series’ main producers] about whether or not Madeleine would make an appearance in a future Bond film, a lot has to happen before that stage is reached. This is just idle speculation as we talk on the top of a mountain.”

So there you have it, sort of: You might see the second woman to ensnare Craig’s Bond’s heart again, and maybe even see their growing child. In the meantime, the acclaimed actress always has another big franchise on the docket: She’s on tap to appear in the second half of Dune.

(Via Deadline)