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Queen Elizabeth’s Death Is Hitting Piers Morgan Hard

Queen Elizabeth II’s passing has shocked the world but no one is taking it harder than Piers Morgan.

The lifelong royalist has always sung the late monarch’s praises and today, he’s mourning the 96-year-old head of state with a tribute on his talk show.

“This is one of the saddest and most momentous turning points in the history of the United Kingdom,” Morgan began. “There’s nobody in this country or the world, who hasn’t lived the majority of their lives under the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. For 70 years she served this country with astoundingly dedicated duty. I struggle to even imagine a Britain without this Queen. But … the moment we’ve all been dreading has finally come.”

Morgan went on to explain how her death was a blow to the country’s “psyche,” before explaining that people around the world who aren’t British subjects likely don’t understand the love the English have for the Queen. He described the monarchy as the “very essence” of being British, likening it to the relationship between American culture and Abraham Lincoln, or apple pie, and the Constitution.

“Nothing and nobody has symbolized being British like Queen Elizabeth,” Morgan continued. “She’s always been there. She had an aura of invincibility that sadly today has been shattered and now we have to learn as a country to live without her.”

He ended the three-minute monologue by saying his own personal goodbye to this “remarkable little lady.”

“She was our greatest export, our greatest leader. The greatest of Britains. When Her Majesty the Queen died this afternoon in Balmoral, a little piece of us all died with her.”

Watch the full video below: