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Shia Labeouf Has Sidestepped Olivia Wilde’s Newest Claims About His ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Exit

Shia LaBeouf threw a molotov cocktail into the Don’t Worry Darling promotional tour (which was already fraught with drama) by dropping a basket of receipts to refute Olivia Wilde’s narrative that he was fired from the film. From the emails and messages that LaBeouf provided, including the infamous video of Wilde referring to Florence Pugh as “Miss Flo,” it appeared like the Transformers actor was having issues with the lack of rehearsal time, and everyone mutually decided it was best to part ways. This information counteracted the narrative from Wilde that she fired LaBeouf to protect Pugh.

However, as the Don’t Worry Darling drama picked up even more steam at the Venice Film Festival, Wilde offered a counter-claim to LaBeouf’s side of the story. He gave Wilde an ultimatum, and she sided with Pugh. When asked to respond to this new narrative, LaBeouf took himself out of the story. Via The Hollywood Reporter:

According to a new Vanity Fair article, Olivia Wilde said your acting process was “not conducive to the ethos” she demands on set and that you display “a combative energy.” She also claims Florence Pugh was uncomfortable with that energy; that you gave Wilde an ultimatum; and that she ultimately chose to fire you and keep Pugh. Do you want to speak to that?

It is what it is — every blessing to her and her film.

If LaBeouf’s non-response seems oddly spiritual, the actor has converted to Catholicism after facing a series of scandals including allegations of sexual assault. LaBeouf told THR that his conversion was guided by Mel Gibson. Yes, that Mel Gibson.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)