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(For You)r Consideration: The Hottest TikTok Trends In Music This Week

(For You)r Consideration is a weekly column breaking down the rappers and singers doing it RIGHT on TikTok and the viral TikTok music trends and top songs taking over your FYP.

The Return of a Snoop Dogg Classic

TikTokers are infamous for digging up often-forgotten ’90s and 2000s hits and using the tracks as background for clever trends. This week’s chosen classic is Snoop Dogg’s 2009 “Sensual Seduction.” Creators are flocking to the app to use the sexy and synthy song from his ninth studio album to tell stories and create content using sly brow raises, the app’s zoom feature, and longing glances. Anitta used the sound to share a meal with man’s best friend, and Kylie Jenner even hopped on the trend with her momager Kris to promote a new Kylie Cosmetics line. Catch the following TikToks to see “Sensual Seduction” in action.


KRIS COLLECTION ROUND 2 COMING 9.14 🍸 @kyliecosmetics

♬ Sensual Seduction – Snoop Dogg

Who’s Ready for Fall?

Nearly 60 years after its release, a 1965 single by The Mamas and the Papas has the potential to be TikTok’s next big sound. The record, which reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100 back in the day, is called “California Dreamin’” and is perfect for those pining to make content as the seasons transition. Kicking off with the lyrics “all the leaves are brown, and the sky is grey,” and later with the line “I’d be safe and warm if I was in LA,” the song is fitting for TikToks featuring fall fits, weather, recipes, and more. Check it out below and see how the track is already being used on the app.

Meet The “Umph In It” Challenge

There’s a new challenge for the dancers of TikTok set to a remixed version of a 2007 baby-making anthem. The Tik-Tokified mix of Jagged Edge‘s “Put A Little Umph In It” (with the original Ashanti verse) is background music for the “Umph In It” challenge created by dancer @itsweezhose. The choreography consists of less than ten moves making it easy for all creators, even those with two left feet. Some of the app’s most popping artists, like Quality Control Music’s “Female Goat,” Lakeyah, hopped on the trend, and with over thirty thousand videos to the sound, it’s only up from here.


Issa Rae and HBO’s Rap Sh!t wrapped its first season last week, but there’s a sound from the series that could be the app’s next big thing. Rapper and Rap Sh!t actress KaMillion uploaded a clip to the platform quoting her character Mia Knight’s shady one-liner. “You know what’s the difference between you and I? The budget” has the potential to take over For Your Pages across the globe. From brands using the sound to promote the quality of their products to comedians comparing celebrity doppelgangers, and of course, bad b*tches being just bad b*tches, there’s a world of potential for those 11 words.

“BAD” by Maya B

R&B and pop singer-songwriter, Maya B, has taken to the clock app to promote what seems like an upcoming single titled “Bad.” The Pasadena native started her own wave by using the song’s lyrics “good girls only go bad” to praise the infamous Lady Gaga, give us a rundown of the baddest of the bad on reality TV, and showcase her personal good girl turned bad journey. There’s no noise or news about when the “Sink” singer will drop the record, but fingers crossed it blows up on the app in the meantime! Watch how Maya B is using the app below.