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Pod Yourself The Wire Episode Three, ‘The Buys,’ With Mike Recine

Episode three of Pod Yourself The Wire is now available early at Episode two is now available for free.

This week on Pod Yourself The Wire , D’angelo and the boys are playing chess, but Matt, Vince and their guest are playing 3D checkers (3D=3 dads). Comedian and host of the Out For Smokes Podcast, Mike Recine stops by to talk about The Wire season One episode Three, “The Buys.”

“The Buys” marks the first appearance of late great Michael K. Williams’s iconic stick-up man character, Omar Little. Omar’s whistling, robbing, smoking, and generally looking cool as hell while McNulty continues to be everyone’s favorite irish f*ckboy who would literally rather get wrapped up in a months-long wiretap investigation than go to therapy. He also has sex. The scene is long, breathy, and hotter than a fresh order of Baltimore’s favorite lunch, lake trout.

Mismatched socks make Matt horny, but nothing makes him as horny as a five-star review on Apple Podcasts.

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-Description by Brent Flyberg