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Alex Jones Claims His New Book Sold ‘More Than Any Harry Potter Book’ But The Publishing Industry Is Conspiring Against Him

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: There’s a grand conspiracy to make Alex Jones look bad. Only this time around, it’s not about the spy ring that’s reportedly keeping tabs on his wife (both former and current) nor is it the chemicals hidden in soda cans that are trying to shrink his penis. Nope, this latest conspiracy is about preventing the world from knowing that Jones’ new book, The Great Reset, is the biggest best-seller of all time.

While stopping by the Louder with Crowder radio show, Jones boasted that his book has outsold literally everything on the market, but the numbers are being hidden by The New York Times and the publishing industry at large. Via Mediaite:

“Stuff way down their list, we sold dozens of times more. And that’s just in the first month of its sale at cash registers at stores. That’s how that happens. It doesn’t count all the massive amounts that got sold online at Amazon or,” Jone insisted.

“So it is the number one book, not just fiction, not just non-fiction — all of them. More than any textbook, more than any Harry Potter book,” he declared.

Like most of Jones’ claims, there’s zero evidence to back up his claims. As Mediaite notes, Publisher’s Weekly has The Great Reset selling 300,000 copies, which is nowhere near the juggernaut sales of the Harry Potter books. As for Jones’ claim that sales have been phenomenal on, he’s provided no data to prove that’s the case. You’re just going to have to take his word for it, which we strongly advise not doing. We mentioned the soda can thing, right? Enough said.

(Via Mediaite)