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John Fetterman Called Out Dr. Oz (They’ve Set An Official Debate Date) For Taking ‘Cheap Shots’ At His Stroke

As the Pennsylvania Senate Race enters the final stretch, John Fetterman is making Dr. Oz own the “cheap shots” that his campaign took at Fetterman’s stroke. The Pennsylvania lieutenant governor was hospitalized during the primary, and he has not shied away from thanking his wife, Gisele Fetterman, for noticing the signs of a stroke and saving his life. After taking it easy during the summer, Fetterman has made an increased number of public appearances.

However, when it came time to schedule a debate, Fetterman was transparent about how he still suffers from lingering auditory issues that are improving. This opened the door for Oz’s campaign to make another attack on Fetterman’s stroke and question whether he’s fit for office. During a recent appearance on Alex Wagner Tonight, Fetterman said he’s taking the campaign barbs in strike because they’re nothing compared to almost dying. Via Mediaite:

It was very bracing to face the fact that I could have died. And thinking about that, reflecting on that, that the fact that a father of three young children and a wife, and thinking of all those things. I promise you that is 10 times bigger and 10 times harder than the cheap shots that Dr. Oz has chosen to choose in his campaign.

While Fetterman understands that his health was eventually going to dragged into race, he called out Oz for trying to distance himself from his own campaign over the stroke comments.

“He needs to own those kind of words because a doctor choosing to mock someone who is recovering from a stroke, I don’t believe demonstrates that he’s lost his way,” Fetterman said. “In fact, he has never had his way.”

As for a debate between the two candidates, it’s on. Not only has Fetterman agreed to a date, he’s actively promoting the event on social media to counter the narrative from Oz’s campaign that Fetterman is afraid to take the stage with Oz.

(Via Mediaite)