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Kaash Paige And 6lack Refuse To Look Back On Their New Song, ‘Miss My Dawgs’

Kaash Paige and 6lack have reunited, but their musical chemistry on their latest collab creates a feeling of distance. On their latest, “Miss My Dawgs,” the two long to reconnect with people from their individual pasts, however, for their own well-being, they choose not to.

Paige opens the song, with her signature soft, sweet vocals, singing, “Switching sides on me / Thought you were the homie / But I’d rather be, I’d rather be lonely.” She laments this loss briefly, before she takes “a shot for [her] real team.”

6lack hops in with the second verse, reflecting on how he’s cut certain people out of his life.

“They can’t fit the picture, so I cut them out the frame,” he sings without any regret.

“’Miss My Dawgs’ is just about missing family members, or missing long-lost friends that you know you can’t hang out with anymore,” said Paige in a statement, “but it can go for anything. I remember sitting on my homie’s balcony in Miami, drinking shroom tea and I came up with the idea and just kept singing it and was like ‘Man I gotta make this song tomorrow.’ I went to the studio recorded it, left a verse open, and sent it straight to 6lack.”

Check out “Miss My Dawgs” above.